WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

100 %

NIC-S revolutionizes nicotine enjoyment by only using pharmaceutical-grade, non-tobacco synthetic nicotine, meticulously crafted to isolate S-type molecules. NIC-S delivers a consistent and unparallel premium quality in flavor and nicotine experience with every pouch.

Brings the tradition further

NIC-S® Born in Sweden

For over 300 years, Swedes have embraced the tradition of placing nicotine under the lip. NIC-S goes further in this tradition by featuring 100% tobacco-free synthetic S-nicotine and an exceptional, flavorful formulation that elevates your experience to the highest level.

Your moment – your NIC-S

Savor the flavor and enjoy your nicotine moment. NIC-S is vegan-friendly, spit-free, smoke-free, sugar-free, discreet, comfortable and doesn’t impact your surroundings. Designed for the adult consumer that demands the best in every pouch.