When we say our Nicotine Pouches are tobacco-free, we really mean it. Our pouches are made from 100% non-tobacco derived nicotine. Nix the smoke & vape and and join our tobacco free revolution.

Born in Sweden

We may not be the most daring of people.  We may not be the rule breakers, and we may not be known for our adventurous cuisine. But when it comes to superior quality and reliability, we know a thing or two. Whether it’s a ready-to-assemble bookshelf, a 5-door family station wagon or non tobacco nicotine pouches, we take pride in our Nordic craftsmanship and design.

NIC-S® is no different. Since our inception we have focused on pushing the limits in the innovation and development of harm reduction products to offer our customers a premium experience that lives up to the standards of Safer Nicotine Products, not to mention our standards as proud Swedes.

In this new and exciting movement towards innovative alternatives for nicotine consumption, we are proud to be creating options for smokers, and our planet, to live longer and healthier lives.

What do nicotine pouches contain?

What is the difference between traditional snus and NIC-S?


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